Who Are We?

Our World Too is a Public Benefits Corporation dedicated to uniting individuals
and organizations in the fight for environmental sustainability.

Our World Too provides what’s missing from today’s environmental movement --
a unifying force across all business and social sectors -- a methodology and
vehicle -- from which committed voices around the world can connect and
collaborate to change the trajectory of human behavior forever.

This fall, Our World Too will launch OW2 a Community Engagement Platform
which amplifies the efforts of existing Eco-Organizations while educating,
empowering, and motivating individuals to take action now.

Our World Too does not compete with any individual, initiative, or organization,
rather it identifies, aggregates and advances solutions, relationships, and
victories in order to achieve momentum, focus, and critical mass for a healthier

Built for interested individuals and committed organizations everywhere, OW2
is “Humanity’s Gathering Place for Saving Planet Earth!”
Our World Too, PBC
171 Saxony Road #214
Encinitas, California 92024 USA
Email: info@ourworldtoo.com
Phone: +1 844-319-3400
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