Our World Too is BACK IN BUSINESS!

by Mama

After five long years of taking a hiatus, Our World Too is back! After having my second child, I wanted to take a short break in order to bond with her and to give my son the attention he needed. Before I knew it a few months turned into five years!

Many times over the years I’ve received emails from people who were anxious for us to start taking orders again. Believe me, we know as well as anyone how difficult it is to find products for kids in families like ours. And your wait is finally over!

We’ve decided to start small with a few products and a handful of designs so that we can get the ball rolling and not keep you waiting any longer. I didn’t want to be paralyzed by perfection waiting for every last design to be finalized before opening the website up again.

With that said, we do plan to add more products and designs in the near future, so keep checking back with us to see what else we’re offering! If you have any product suggestions/requests, please fill free to contact us!

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