Our Story

Our World Too is an award-winning website for the rapidly growing population of gay and lesbian parents. We realize alternative families are seeking information on ways to deal with the unique challenges we all face from the legal issues of marriage to starting a family and co-parenting kids.

At OurWorldToo.com we strive to foster an environment of sharing and support for alternative families by offering frank discussions and articles on co-parenting, insemination, adoption, domestic partnerships and more. Slowly, but surely, laws are changing, but until gays and lesbians have equal rights, it is very important to have our bases covered to ensure your families are protected.

In addition to providing a large selection of baby memory books, personalized story books, and clothing especially for the children of gay parents, Our World Too also addresses the needs of those longing to be parents. We offer extensive information on artificial insemination and will soon be offering information about adoption and surrogacy.

Our World Too was founded in 2003 by Amy Johnson. She shares a home with her partner of fourteen years and their two beautiful children. It was Amy’s exhaustive search for information on gay parenting, insemination and legal issues, which led to the creation of OurWorldToo.com.